About Us

Founded in 1946 by Danish engineer Ove Arup, Arup is an independent firm of designers, planners, engineers, consultants and technical specialists offering a broad range of services. We design and help build things like roads, buildings, cars and football stadiums. Through our work, we aim to make a positive difference and shape a better world.  Arup projects such as the Sydney Opera House, the Beijing Water Cube and The Gherkin in London, showcase our world-class design and deep commitment to sustainability.
The Foresight team at Arup identifies and monitors trends and issues that are likely to have a significant impact upon the future of the built environment and our wider society. This includes looking at the impacts of new technologies, changing lifestyles and environmental trends such as climate change.

Our Challenges

Look at your Community, look at your City, look at your World. What problems can you see foresee happening over the next fifty years? What can we do to solve them? What innovative solutions could you create?

Look at your community - what do you like about where you live? What would you like to change? What changes can you see happening in your local community? What changes would you like to see take place over the next 50 years?

Think creatively on each of the areas. Mind map ideas and come up with some innovative solutions and designs. Mind Map all your creative ideas, predictions and solutions. Briefly explain what they are and how they would work. Explain the impact & benefits your ideas will have.

You can use all your creativity here. Perhaps make a collage or map of your ideas. Use photography to illustrate your idea. Design a map of what your community would look like. Interview fictional inhabitants of your new community. Produce a sales brochure or a promotional film of your new community. Be as creative as possible.