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MyKindaCrowd connects young people with the world of work. Find out how MyKindaCrowd can help students, teachers and companies below


At MyKindaCrowd you can get rewarded for your ideas. It's a great way to get noticed by the UK’s best companies, with fantastic opportunities to win prizes, improve your CV, and possibly land that dream job.
We are committed to providing opportunities for all students and young people no matter who you are or your background. MyKindaCrowd is completely free to use for students. All you need is a little free time, a lot of enthusiasm, and some great ideas.
It's easy to get started, and signing up is free. Visit the challenges page to see the latest opportunities available. Here you can quickly see the prizes currently up for grabs and the time remaining for each challenge.
Click "Enter Challenge" to find out more details about how to submit your entry. Once you have an idea, upload it using the submission form, and if the company likes your response you’ll get rewarded. Either way you’ll connect with a company, gain points on the site, and add something unique to your CV
For every challenge you win, you'll receive MyKindaCrowd points. You can also earn points by referring friends to the site and other activity. You can use your points to 'buy' the below experiences. So even if you don't win a challenge, you are still rewarded.
Breakdown of what points equal:
500 points = Attend a MyKindaCrowd breakfast briefing 
1,000 points = Presentation skills workshops 
1,000 points = Career Clinic 
1,500 points = CV review
1,500 points = Telephone interview skills 
2,000 points = Face-to-face interview skills 
2,500 points = Meet with an employer 
3,500 points = Personal statement mentoring 
Recent winners
Iman Fadaei: Two weeks work-experience with James Caan.
Ryan Hewitt: £1000 from Fujitsu to kick-start his career
Thomas Rule: Met his career idol, Robert Deas


Great companies like RBS, Fujitsu, McDonalds, KPMG, James Caan and many others have posted challenges on MyKindaCrowd to use as part of your lessons.
Our pre-formatted lesson plans and Presentations make it easy to run in class. Whether for Careers, a subject project or case study, it’s a chance for your students to connect with the world-of-work and get rewarded with work-experience, mentoring and career related prizes.
"I would like to offer my thanks on behalf of the students and myself, MyKindaCrowd made a very dark and dismal morning interesting and engaging" - Colin, Falmouth Marine School
We even offer free workshops to launch the company challenges and free postage-paid envelopes if you’d prefer to post students work rather than upload directly to the site.
Simply search for a challenge relevant to you and your students and get started. If you have any questions or we can support you in any way then please call us on 0844 412 7497 or email us team@mykindacrowd.com
Teacher Resources
Our innovative resources will help you to get the best from the website, ensure your learners are actively engaged in challenges and will contribute to many of the career related and work related learning outcomes.
In essence, the modules prepare and equip your students to get the best from taking part in a challenge. If your students are already confident, then perhaps they will jump straight in!
As well as teacher modules, here are three more offers of support:
  1. Video Play the video to introduce the concept to your students - it's only a couple of minutes long.
  2. Help and support. Email us if you'd like any help, or have any suggestions as to how we can be better.
  3. Request a challenge. If you'd like a specific challenge on the site, then tell us and we will do our best to get it for you.

Challenge Setters

MyKindaCrowd allows you access to students across the country. It’s a completely new way for companies to engage students from all regions, all backgrounds, with all level of subject expertise and ambition.
Whether you want to find talented recruits, receive innovative ideas, or engage young people with your brand, MyKindaCrowd is the solution. We allow your company to become part of educational studies in your local region, or nationally.
How does it work?
You post real-life challenges. Teachers and lecturers use your challenge within studies. Students respond to you with ideas. You reward them for good ideas. We can even run live workshops showcasing your company challenge.
Our clients already include large and small companies; RBS, KPMG, Fujitsu, Cisco, McDonalds, Dixons, Thales, More Magazine, James Caan, Sport England and many others.
We are multi award winning Social Enterprise, a partner with UCAS, and are supported by The CBI, the Deputy Prime ministers office, the FSB and British Chambers of Commerce.
Case studies
KPMG wanted to find diverse school and college leaver recruits. By mixing online challenge with live workshops MyKindaCrowd engaged almost 2,000 relevant and interested young people across the UK.
Thales are targeting Universities to find the most innovative future engineers. Their MyKindaCrowd challenge tested innovation and IT skills to the maximum aiming to find just a handful of the most able.
Contact us
Call or email us. We can help build a campaign that includes online challenge, physical workshops in key regions, multi-media, and PR. Target future recruits, gain innovative solutions or engage your brand at a national level.
Call us on: 0844 412 7497

Email us: team@mykindacrowd.com